MGI Family office investments

MGI is a family office established by Dutch entrepreneur and businessman Marcel Melis to manage his families’ personal business interests.
Our CEO Marcel Melis is knowledgeable about the hedge fund industry and has a history of success.
Our geographic focus is primarily in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Over the years, we have successfully have been investing in real estate and hedge funds.
MGI its family office has a significant hedge fund and real estate exposure, all MGI distribution fees are invested in funds.
MGI has offices in Singapore, Curacao, the Netherlands and New York.

We only invest in best in class managers.
The manager should be reputable, experienced, and have best in class returns.
We invest across many different strategies.

Fund managers should match following criteria:

  • Company Assets under Management of at least $100 million.
  • Best in class performance of at least 10% since inception and over the last 3 years.
  • High Sharpe ratio.
  • Low historical performance drawdowns compared to their peer group.
  • Uncorrelated returns.
  • Independent fund administrator.
  • Off shore fund availability.

Interested in investing?

Contact us and lets discuss the possibilities!