Selection of investment managers

Maintaining a strong reputation in the third party marketing firm industry
That is why best in class funds choose our firm as their partner and why investors trust our recommendations.
Our managers and investors highly appreciate that our family office also invest its own money.

Sourcing managers
We screen thousands of managers and only work with about 10-20 managers.

How do we source the managers?

1. We are contacted directly by the managers.
2. ​Referrals of institutional investors, prime brokers and other service providers.
3. ​Research : we review industry publications and attend conferences.
4. Review multiple databases.

Quantitative screening of managers

1. Company Assets under Management of at least $100 million.
2. Best in class performance of at least 10% since inception and over the last 3 years.
3. High Sharpe ratio.
4. Low historical performance drawdowns compared to their peer group.
5. Uncorrelated returns.
6. Independent fund administrator.
7. Off shore fund availability.

Qualitative screening of managers

Top down analysis: will the strategy continue to do well in the coming years?
Quality of firm: A review of the organization with a focus on appropriate staffing, infrastructure and reputation.
Quality of investment team: Does the manager have a good pedigree, industry knowledge, experience, strong reputation, and the good continuity of key investment staff.
Review of investment philosophy and process: Understanding of the inefficiencies in the market place they are focused on and what is their edge is in taking advantage of these inefficiencies.

Risk controls

This includes understanding their exposure to current and potential risks in their portfolio in addition to liquidity and concentration as well as quantitative risk controls.

– Service providers and fund terms
Does the manager work with reputable service providers and are the fund terms reasonable.

– Meeting with the portfolio manager 

– References and market feedback

– Continual re-evaluation of manager
Once we work with the manager we receive constant feedback from our prospects and investors.

Interested in investing?

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